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Jason Roe Fox 40 News- The Power of Compassionate Love

Book:  COVID-19 The Love Story

Now available on Amazon worldwide.  BRC CEO, two times author Jason Roe new book COVID-19 THe Love Story, as seen in various stories on (with links)  CNBC FOX,  ABC;

COVID-19 The Love Story, shifts the focus from fear based news to Love focus. The cover of the book features a picture of Mr. Roe’s dog Sky standing chalked rainbow he woke up to one day outside his Los Angeles house. The message read “Be The Rainbow In Someone Else’s Sky” a catalyst to inspire Mr. Roe to consider what he can do to be the rainbow in COVID-19. Recognizing all of LA there is a lot of fear and fear based media, Roe perceived love (fears opposing force) to be the key, and understands love spreads faster than any virus can.

Seeing the message on his walkway with a message of rainbow in the Sky, while he was walking his dog named Sky Roe held fast to his belief in a synchronicity, and strongly belied he was meant to read the message. Roe took a picture of Sky, and write the book as a testament to Humanities coming together in a worldwide Love for One another. The book does not offer any advice, it simply illuminates another perspective. With elegance, COVID-19 The Love Story draws consciousness thought toward love, illuminating the loving actions of humanity around COVID-19. COVID-19 The Love Story is available immediately as e-book now worldwide in over 50 countries on Amazon. Available in Paper back, 05/25/2020

           West Wing COVID-19 Task Force Innovation Contribution

Provided with direct Executive Office of The President email to the COVID-19 task force, author and CEO Jason Roe was invited to put forward innovative ideas toward disrupting COVID-19. Among other things the COVID-19 task force is President Trump’s think tank for potentially disruptive innovation solutions to help end COVID-19. Roe propositioned to the White House COVID-19 task Force, the idea of Magnetizing Water to a particular resonance, in order to resonate to an opposing frequency of the COVID-19 virus. The Force Is In You, Jason Roe’s 2016 Non Fiction book, illuminates Nobel Prize winners research that shows human cells and DNA have their own vibrational Magnetic field. “So do Viruses” says Roe.

Magnetized water has already been sold at various retail outlets. Data on human testing is needed to validate Magnetized waters effectiveness.

Roe says, “For now we have a vendor account established with a sister company connected to BRC. The sister company already has a vendor account with large scale grocery retailer who has more than 1000 USA wide locations. We have uploaded Magnetized water into their vendor account Porthole in May 2020. BRC will put out a PR blast when Magnetized Water is available via over 1000 grocery chains”.



A Paradigm Shift in USA innovation to   Smokeless Coffee Roasting. 
Innovative grocery chains, whose focus is health and well-being for the planet and people can now serve large scale coffee roasted with a patented process resulting in 400 times Less fuel use in the roasting process.  Compared with Traditional drum roasting coffee methods, BRC now delivers coffee with up to 79% Reductions in reduced coffee roasting greenhouse emissions. See fox news link. 
Breakthrough Innovation; Best Roast Coffee Creating The New Normal

Fox 40 BRC 80% Reduction In Coffee Roasting Emissions. 

Always Innovating 

Always Innovating: Jason Roe, Author & CEO Disrupts Conventional Business Theories and Ideas”

Premium Car Brands Align with BRC Speciality Organic Coffee

Leberry Sweet Concoction for Health-Conscious, Mindfulness Living

BRC Coffee Up to 80% Reductions in Coffee Roasting; Paradigm Shift to Certified Carbon Free Coffee

Best Roast Coffee Expansion into Luxury Car Sector


Magnetized Water


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