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Farm Fresh Organic Coffee Coast to Coast.

No one-word best describes Best Roast Coffee, however, two words do come close,  Unconventional  Innovation!

Best Roast Coffee focus is on healthy living and offers a made to order private label coffee and tea kiosk program for existing retailers to integrate into their stores attracting coffee drinkers. Continuing in unconventionality BRC does not sell it’s coffee beans to consumers on a retail basis. This strategy keeps the quality of our coffee, in BRC control. Using BRC nominated specialized coffee equipment, and the Magnetized Earth-Water process with BRC unique blend of coffee beans from various regions resulted in BRC being the winner of Los Angeles Best Coffee. The BRC strategy not to sell coffee beans is likened to the KFC philosophy, a chicken company that will not sell its raw chicken and breading mix to customers to cook at home. BRC unconventional strategy not to sell its coffee beans blend, creates a causality, causing coffee lovers to attend the retailer shopping outlet for magnetic quantum innovation producing a smooth magnetized latte or coffee.

As the  Media Stories suggests,  Best Roast Coffee (BRC) vision is focused on healthy Living, Organic Coffee Kiosks,  and providing our “know-how”  to us publicly traded big-box grocery chains – coast to coast around the USA.

LA Times and other media outlets highlight the recent Court case  in California.  The healthy more innovative process for roasting coffee,  a process BRC has adopted was illuminated by the case as one of several factors that may have lead to the decision of the Judge, against Acrylamide.  The judge determined all coffee shops need to put up Acrylamide cancer warnings. The high profile coffee court case did involve many coffee companies and large scale grocery retailers a total numbering more than 70 companies.  Acrylamide is a compound formed when toast is burnt, roast potatoes are crisped, meat is barbecued, coffee is roasted, and so on.  Consumers don’t want Acrylamideand carcinogenic coffee. Drum roasting processes (most common process of roasting coffee) has the potential to cause less controlled roast,  and the roasting process turns coffee around on 400-degree surfaces, burning the outer shell of the coffee bean until it is cooked inside.   

The case raised the point that more modern roasting methods like BRC Air Roasting fluid bead processes are available.  Best Roast Coffee already uses a more modern sophisticated roasting process, that suspends coffee beans in hot air as part of the roasting process.  Vacuum induction reduces, and removes smoke. The result of the new roasting process is less smoke in the coffee bean and a 79% reduction in greenhouse emissions.  Known as a “business to business” service BRC is a coffee and beverage consulting company,  provider of coffee kiosk solutions in big Box grocery chains.   Established November  2015 to service Big Box Grocery as media suggest.


In 2016 Best Roast Coffee (BRC) helped a fortune 500 company to incorporate coffee kiosks into their existing retail locations at about 60 locations across USA. Our BRC espresso bar model provides existing retailers, who seek to serve their customers an espresso with a 3 feet coffee bar. The BRC coffee making processes and “know-how” are given to retailers under a contract  “Non-Circumvention” agreement prior to implementing the espresso bar in the retailer. The processes guide the retailer on the BRC trade-related intellectual property and its “know-how” that resulted in the award-winning Organic BRC coffee.   Controlling the processes and equipment maintains the quality of BRC cup of coffee. By keeping the making process and formula under BRC  control and mandating a retailer to use BRC specified specialized coffee kiosk equipment and process it creates a standardization of coffee.

To participate in the BRC program, the retailer must buy BRC specified coffee program equipment from Best Roast Coffee, Llc directly and conditional on install terms specified by BRC.   BRC is NOT an equipment reseller and DOES NOT  sell individual coffee equipment.  BRC “sells a program” requiring the retailer to use the “package of equipment” that BRC specifies and uses to produce BRC specialized smooth taste.  By way of example, a retailer seeking to build a coffee espresso kiosk for its own coffee program will not buy a Magnetized water system. Why?  Because –  no coffee kiosk in the USA or the world uses a magnetized water system as part of a coffee-making process, nor has the know-how to do so.   The process of using magnetized water to extract espresso flavor and balance coffee is unique to BRC. Innovative to the coffee industry, such a process is not in the “public domain” of making coffee and is protected under trade-related intellectual property (Trips act) and trade secrets act. Magnetizing water is a BRC formula used to enhance the end coffee profile and smooth the coffee out by special balancing of key elements in the coffee bean. The innovation is a  disruption to the coffee industry and in 2019 Magnetized water was recently featured in discussion at Harvard, and illuminated in a  final paper at Harvard  presented to professor Clayton Christensen, as part of  BRC CEO Jason Roe schooling on “Disruptive Strategy” at Harvard Business school.  Clayton Christensen is the Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and is regarded as one of the world’s top experts on disruption, innovation, and growth strategy, Jason Roe as an innovator was innately attracted to such discussion and thinking and has since (like many) become a great supportor of Harvard and Professor Christensen’s real life practical theory.

Best Roast Coffee twice winner of “Los Angeles Best Coffee” disrupted the coffee market refusing to use traditional “drum roasting” methods to roast coffee beans, a process at the time uses by 100% of large scale USA coffee roasters. BRC choose more sophisticated air roasting methods and fluid bed,  reducing the greenhouse and smoke and gas emissions by 79% in the new roasting process,  for a carbon-free planet.

Jason Roe – Holding trophie Winner LA’s Best Coffee

In addition, BRC  later took coffee to “the next level” using magnetized water as part of its processes to completely change the coffee profile, and balance out tenants, which are found in coffee and wine.  The BRC unconventional processes and “know-how” to magnetize water, is a key process of many other unique formulas insider the programming of the espresso equipment,  all of which attributed to making  BRC number 1, in 2014 and 2015  and winner of LA’s Best Coffee.  Such smooth coffee and innovations attracted unconventional big-box grocery chains and like-minded businesses whos focus was also health and innovation.  Magnetized water is a new market innovation and world exclusive to the BRC coffee program. No retailer or coffee shop in USA or to the world uses magnetized water or has the BRC “know how” to balance tenants in coffee.  It’s unique to the BRC program, so a coffee kiosk cannot purchase the magnetized water for a coffee kiosk unless the retailer is using the BRC program.  The magnetized water, espresso units, and all equipment is purchased under terms set by BRC, and under a contract Non Circumvention agreement,  on installation only terms. BRC controls its whole process and supply chain, from shipping to install using only  BRC approved vendors. The equipment for the program is mandatory and is procured on a “purchase order” basis specifying “installation” as a line on the purchase order to signifying the agreed terms. The payment of the purchase order is an agreement in full to the BRC installation terms. Under the terms of the agreement no vendors “proudly serving” Best Roast Coffee can change the terms, all terms of the only contract are expressly governed by CUTSA and trade-related intellectual property in the signed contract known as a “Non Circumvetion  agreement.

The equipment is programmed to BRC trade secret specifications. Prior to purchase retails must agree to sign a “Non Circumvention Agreement” before participating in our coffee bar “Opportunity”.  It keeps the program and processes in Best Roast Coffee control, and that makes the coffee you taste at a participating grocery chain the “Best Roast Coffee Experience”. An amazing coffee every time, and a higher standard than any home experience. It also protects our coffee from being made wrong and creating a negative perception as a result of an incorrect coffee making process, often used in a family residence setting.   Our coffee  beans are labeled by government USDA  as “not for retail sale packing” and labeling. This is to deter a retailer from attempting to sell our coffee beans to their customers who are passionate about our coffee.   Best Roast Coffee, is only available made to order, in retail shop serving our coffee program.  We only sell BRC  Coffee beans a formula blend from various regions to the retailers using the BRC  coffee program – or their nominated distributor,  if the grocery company is public,  the supply arrangement and distributor is available via SEC web site.

Best Roast Coffee – is about values.

The only large scale coffee roast certified Carbon-Free – and Organic in USA. Carbon-free certifications and Non-carcinogenic.   Best Roast Coffee value a carbon-free planet, with Earth’s future  in mind,  BRC is  certified carbon-free coffee.  Best Roast Coffee (BRC)  value organic integrity,  BRC coffee is USDA certified organic. BRC  value fair trade  and BRC is  a “fair for life trade”   provider.  BRC value the forests,  so we ONLY USE  bird and rainforest friendly eco coffee. BRC  does NOT embrace traditional gas drum roasting methods, associated with common large scale roasting of coffee across USA.  Why?  Because the traditional drum roast coffee methods, roast the green coffee beans, from the outer shell inward, at high temperatures hundreds of degrees. It is like a steak on a BBQ. This method causes carcinogens,  our roasting methods are much more modern and sophisticated. We air roast coffee with vacuum induction, creates a smooth sophisticated gourmet coffee – you can taste. Smokeless coffee, not burnt from outside in.  A 79% reduction in green-house.  A grocery chain using best roast coffee, is a chain of integrity and values too.

We provide exclusively to large scale big box grocery chains and their distributors.  Our high profile locations of coffee Kiosks expanded across the nation rapidly… and all share common values, embraced by millennials.   You cannot buy our BRC coffee beans retail.  Such a thing, means consumers have to go to the grocery store “to savor the flavor” and  enjoy BRC.  Not until you get back to our purveyors of coffee again for a  coffee made to order by a professional, do you get t experience the Best Roast Coffee.   Our coffee kiosks location are permitted to Self Brand

BRC focus is on creating partnerships with our clients,  who share integrity and our healthy values.

The Best Roast Coffee Mission:

Best Roast Coffee is Millenielcentric. A focus on customer and community our company, dedicated to serving the needs of coffee drinkers through retailers everywhere.  Our 20 Day Coffee is just one example of what our company has to offer. It means a fresh cup of coffee made from coffee no older than 20 days, and a difference you can taste. Delivered weekly by our large sale logistics network partner Fedex. As the leading supplier of wholesale organically grown coffee, we have made it our mission to continue creating new coffee blends, that our customers won’t find anywhere else. We supply on line training videos to teach your staff, and provide a point of sales design and support.

Why Choose Best Roast Coffee?

Best Roast Coffee, is a health and life style choice. We source from variety of coffee farms including women owned coffee farms.  Millennials embrace our values,  USDA organic, carbon free coffee, for a carbon free planet too. Rain forest friendly, and a  70% reduction in gas omission with more sophisticated roasting process, we source beans from all over the world with a focus on  women owned coffee farms, we are  fair for life trade.  Be the eco-friendly coffee provider – Best Roast Coffee.

Contact Best Roast Coffee:

To learn more about Best Roast Coffee and how you can serve, our shade-grown organic coffee in your business, contact us or our distributor partners today, and we will assist you and answer any questions you might have. Nation wide coast to coast provider of USDA organic, carbon free certified coffee for a carbon free coffee.

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